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Alright guys and gals, officially abandoning this journal for my other one, cerestheories. Keeping this one alive for the time being so I can read my own nonsense if I get nostalgic. Mmmkay.
One of the many things that's awesome about not having any more classes: I get to read whatever I want! And lots of it!

Another thing: the last bit of forced reading is for my independent study research paper... so it's all about composting! *grin*

Nov. 30th, 2007

Moulin Rouge is a wonderful movie. The soundtrack is similarly awesome. Am planning to coerce (cajole, perhaps?) tymothytoastman into watching it when he visits for my GRADUATION in TWO WEEKS. (I'm subtle, I know.)

Anyway, while I don't consider myself to be Nicole Kidman / Satine, I have put Matt on a high enough pedestal to consider him Ewan MacGregor / Christian. Mmm. Ewan McGregor... (If ya google him, the first photo that comes up is one of him in a kilt!) I can forgive him his Star Wars failings, as those movies were clearly not his fault. I mean... poor Natalie Portman. Just... bad bad Mr. Lucas. Bad. Also, Trainspotting... not so sexy there. Good movie, good acting in said movie.... just not sexy. I think that might have something to do with the whole drug-addict dead-baby-crawling-on-ceiling thing, though.

Back to non-creepy things. Um... chocolate is tasty. Cold caramelized onion and roquefort tarts are not. Ate one with some particularly putrid Cabernet/Merlot blends last night. Wanted to spit it out. Note to enterprising food and wine pairers: blue cheeses and cheap wines are NOT FRIENDS. They don't play well together!

Also: in doing research today, I discovered that Olive Garden charges $19 for a bottle of wine that costs them $3.17. Silly, silly consumers. Why? Why do you insist on buying wine in restaurants? Is silly! But I can make money off of you! Nevermind then... keep doin it.

I hate to admit this, but I'm a pro at the informal report by now. It's like a memo, but longer and sexier. I've figured out how to make Word do exactly what I want it to. (Excel, too, but only if I talk reeeeal sweet to it and get it liquored up first.) I've got an automatically generated table of contents and I set styles for my headings, subheadings, and body paragraphs. Yep. In just a couple minutes. If there's one thing the Hotel School has taught me, it's how to do that whole business writing thing. Not sure if I've done the expository writing thing for anything other than recreational purposes since Freshman year when I was in an anthro class. *shrug*

ALSO! Tomorrow morning is my last class at Cornell. EVER. Bowling!

To take the shine off of that victory is the fact that I have a big scary appointment immediately after that class with my wonderful doctors at Gannett. They must be sick of me visiting them by now. I know my wallet is. : / With any luck, in about a week I'll have my results back and a clean bill of health! Then it's just a hop-skip-and-two-papers to graduation, Matt, and moving back to New England!



Sometimes I wonder how much I could get done if I was properly motivated. (Read: not such a talented procrastinator)

Today: Went to two classes, wrote a paper, aced a quiz, researched paper #2, played WoW and read the rest of Good Omens. Damn Skippy. Also, I slept and did errands and made all sorts of silly phone calls and filled out more Marriott job application shtuff.


Things I believe in

I believe in the rejuvenating power of crosswords, naps, fantasy/sci-fi books, yoga, early-morning walks, snuggling with various mammals, hot cocoa, sunshine, conversations with friends and family, organizing/cleaning, and cooking.

I believe that if you're walking on a sidewalk and it's raining, you have a moral obligation to watch where your umbrella is in respect to the faces of the people walking with/by you.

I believe that Ithaca has some of the strangest weather patterns in the country.

I believe that racism, classism, and sexism are destroying any moral fiber America may have possibly once had.

I believe -isms to be bad in general.

I have an idea that Dogma is a great movie.

I believe I will go do my work now.

(PS, if any of you ever want to know what Pret a Manger's international expansion ventures look like, lemme know! Or if you want a detailed analysis of Simeon's wine list... You know you do.)


Was just reading a news story about this 2-year-old who was beaten and killed by her mom and her mom's boyfriend. Apparently the two people met playing World of Warcraft.

People suck.

Also, I met someone significantly less scary and dangerous. Still... gets me thinking... how well do we know the people we game with?

New LJ account.

Alright. Getting reeeally sick of this screenname. I only used it because when I signed up for LJ 4 years ago, it was also my AIM screen name, my Hotmail address, etc. Anyway, I've set up a new account under the name cerestheories. I'm still trying to decide whether I'll keep this for personal shtuff and make the other one my food/industry blog, or simply set up a friends-only filter for the personal shtuff.

Ideas? Oh yeah, friend me.

Yesterday and a brief bit about Today.

Yesterday was a no-good, very bad day. I went to bed Tuesday night angry at a variety of people and situations, which is never a good idea. I woke up in the morning still angry, but that was somewhat dispelled by the phone call I received regarding a potential job opportunity.

The rest of the day, however, sucked. I got some bad news about my health (again? seriously, body... wtf?!) at the beginning of my drive home and the rest of my day just sort of snowballed from there. It ended with me collapsing in a sobbing heap on the couch at home. PS, driving in fog/rain/icy roads in the dark is reeeeally not a good end to a day... especially when your boyfriend's just gotten in a car accident and the last time you made that drive in winter, some crazy lady totaled your car. Also, I think I'm getting a sinus infection. Have been taking lots of OTC shtuff. And not eating. *grumble*

Apparently, Thanksgiving dinner smells reeeally good. If only I could smell right now. Okay, this is turning into a big bitch-fest, instead of a Thanksgiving post. So... now the Thanksgiving update:

We got a call last night from my brother and his wife informing us that the weather is bad enough that they won't be driving over today due to freezing rain badness. *pout* So, we have a 16-pound turkey and 3 dessert cake/pies for 3 people. I predict that my sickness-induced fasting will be over and then some by the end of today.

Things I am thankful for today:
- My family
- Sam, the adorable puppy sitting on my feet as I write this
- Cassie, similarly adorable but sitting on lap (I feel like Beastmaster)
- My usually healthy body and the overall wellbeing of my loved ones
- Food, clean air and water, and a sharp wit

Anyway, I don' t have much else to say unless I get into my myriad health issues and I think tymothytoastman can understand why I don't want to do that.

On a completely different note: godcat, can you recommend any good books on herbs/aromatherapy/homeopathy to me? I'm trying to learn more about natural ways to improve my health and mood and possibly grow herbs for my cooking/soapmaking.

Okay. Time for shower and Thanksgiving feast!

Nov. 20th, 2007

In a really weird mood. Got hit on by an ex tonight, which was just disconcerting. Why do people I've consciously removed from my life seem to think they should force their way back in?

Also, freaking out about my drive home tomorrow. What with tymothytoastman's accident and the weather forecast for tomorrow and the fact that some lady hit my car the last time I made this trip in snowy weather... *grumble*

Also, I'm really tired. I think that's contributing to my poor spirits. Tomorrow will be a better day. With no car accidents. Or annoying boys.

My mom is teh awesome. She told me she sent me a package a few days ago... and I got home from work to find a package.

I open ze package to find... CHOCOLATE. Not just chocolate, but organic, free trade, Vermont-made chocolate. Hot chocolate mix, truffles, little bars o' chocolate.... And a note that says "Mommy loves you!" In short, my mom is adorable.

My day started out kind of blech, but now I have found out that I have no classes on Wednesday and can go home whenever I want! And there will be baking. And my mom will spoil me, and it will be good.

Also, I will see my puppy.

Also, I will see my family and boyfriend. And eat a dead bird. The whole bird, yep.

Also, I am a bit punch-drunk right now and should go study for my final tomorrow morning.




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